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The process for gaining approval for the use of demand printed labels by Specialist Service functions within NHSBT.

Please read and complete the following form if your labels comply with ALL of the following statements:

  • They are NOT addressograph labels.
  • The labels are for routine testing and are generated from an automated system.
  • The labels are generated in a secure system and ‘demand’ printed at the time of phlebotomy and not prior.
  • The samples must be labelled whilst next to the patient who is identified from a bar coded wristband or similar technology.
  • There is positive, traceable identification of the sample taker within the system (a signature on the label however is NOT required).
  • The demand printed labels must additionally meet the sample label requirements of the intended Specialist Service function(s).
  • The transfusion laboratory manager or member of staff with designated authority have assessed the safety, accuracy and security of the system including relevant operating procedures and confirm that the demand printed labels are generated in a fully audited and accredited quality system which comply with current BSH guidelines.
  • The hospital/trust accepts responsibility for ensuring the security of the patient's identity.
  • The hospital/trust will inform NHSBT of any changes to the process or label.


If your labels do not comply with the above statements, then please contact your local customer service manager who can discuss the process with you further.