Page 1: Direct Hire Request

Please use this form to request an Honorary contract for someone working within NHSBT or to arrange for an NHSBT Employee who is leaving to be retained for Bank Work.

If you have not provided all of the information requested you may be required to re-submit your request which will cause delays.

Please only complete this request for employees who are retiring if they are being retained for Bank work - for all ther Retire and Returns the employee will need to complete a Flexible Working request.

Position Details

4.4. Does a position number already exist for this post? ​Position numbers for your directorate can be found on People First Note: If you need a new position number creating your Recruitment contact will liaise with you on this once your Direct Hire request has been submitted.

If a position number already exists please enter the details below:

DBS and Professional Registration Requirements

5.5. Will the individual have direct access to patients / donors in the course of their normal duties?
6.6. Will the individual be providing healthcare direct to patients or providing healthcare advice (either face to face or by telephone)?
7.7. Is statutory registration required for this role?
8.8. Is driving required for this role?

Reason for Direct Hire and Details

9.9. Direct Hire Reason: Optional

Personal Details of Individual requiring Direct Hire

13.13. Is this for a previous employee of NHSBT?
14.14. Is the individual employed or a student from an educational establishment?

Your Details