Page 1: Direct Hire Request

Please use this form to request an Honorary contract for someone who will be working within NHSBT, or to arrange for an NHSBT Employee who is leaving to be retained for Bank Work.

The Direct Hire process must not be used to recruit permanent or agency workers.

If you have not provided all of the information requested you may be required to re-submit your request which will cause delays.

Please only complete this request for employees who are retiring if they are being retained for Bank work - for all other Retire and Return, the employee will need to complete a Flexible Working request.

Please try and give a minimum of 2 weeks notice for all requests to be processed. Some Honorary roles will also require confirmation of pre-employment checks from the substantive employee, which may require extra time to be processed.

Your data will be held and processed securely in line with the relevant data and privacy laws including the General Data Protection regulation. For information on how we use your data and your privacy rights if you are employed by NHSBT for information if you are employed by an agency alternatively you can contact NHSBT’s Privacy Officer

Position Details

a.2.a. Have you gained approval from the Budget Holder for this Direct Hire request? Required
4.4. Does a position number already exist for this post (please use the existing position number for the role where one exists)? ​Position numbers for your directorate can be found on People First Note: If you need a new position number creating your Recruitment contact will liaise with you on this once your Direct Hire request has been submitted.

If a position number already exists please enter the details below:

DBS and Professional Registration Requirements

5.5. Does this role require a Disclosure and Barring Services check? (DBS - formally known as CRB).
6.6. If a DBS check is required, please advise which level?
7.7. Is statutory registration required for this role?
8.8. Is driving required for this role?

Reason for Direct Hire and Details

Please only use the option "Returning Leavers - Summer 2022" for any Blood Donation staff who have already left NHSBT and have been asked to return due to the current blood shortage. All other bank requests should be processed as normal via the option "Bank (NHSBT - retention on leaving)" option.

9.9. Direct Hire Reason: Required

Please select exactly 1 answer(s).

Please note: there must be a minimum 2 week break in service for any current NHSBT staff joining the bank team. If there has been a 3 month gap (or more) in NHSBT service, full pre-employment checks will be required. Therefore DO NOT offer your candidate a bank shift until all checks have been completed and deemed satisfactory by Recruitment.

Personal Details of Candidate requiring Direct Hire

13.13. Is this for a previous employee of NHSBT (not anyone who has worked for NHSBT via an agency)?
14.14. Is the individual employed or a student from an educational establishment?

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