Page 1: Please complete this form fully as the information you provide will be reviewed by the Expenditure Review Board. 

Before you complete and submit this request you must:

  1. Ensure that you have explained NHSBT's benefits package to your preferred candidate.  E.g. Generous annual leave entitlement, pension, pay progression, learning and development opportunities
  2. Discuss this request with your HR Business Partner / Associate HR BP and ensure you have their support - Your HR Business Partner must support this Higher Starting Salary Case before this form is submitted. 

If you have not provided all of the information requested you may be required to re-submit your request which will delay the outcome. 

Details of Appointment

Recruitment Information

Higher Starting Pay - Justification

Please provide details below of how the candidate exceeds the requirements of this post:

Impact On Existing Employees


8.8. Have you discussed this case with your HR Business Partner / Associate HR Business Partner?
a.8.a. Name of HR Business Partner
b.8.b. Has your Business Partner/Associate Business Partner explicitly agreed to support the submission of this case?