Page 1: NMA Registration Form

Your data will be held and processed securely in line with the relevant data and privacy laws including the General Data Protection regulation. For information on how we use your data and your privacy rights if you are employed by NHSBT for information if you are employed by an agency alternatively you can contact NHSBT’s Privacy Officer

Please ensure that you have read the outline for this programe on our website before completing this registration form, so as to ensure that it is applicable for your needs and that you satisfy all requirements.

We do accept applications for this course from other HCPC registered professional as long as it conforms to their professional requirements/regulations.

We do ask you to confirm that you and your employer understand that the current NHSBT Non Medical Authorisation course is tailored and designed for senior nurses and midwives and therefore, you may have some additional learning needs. It will be your (and your employer’s) responsibility to identify and addresses those needs independently of the course.